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"Mindful Matcha was founded in 2018 with a passion for mindfulness. We believe that mindfulness can positively affect the success of individuals, as well as companies in the long term."

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Meet your matcha.

"Mindful Matcha“ is premium grade matcha green tea powder, which has all nutrients and elements needed to help improve your focus, concentration and mindfulness at the workplace, as well as in your private live, thus achieving better results in all areas.

How to make our Mindful Matcha

Whisk up a delicious cup of frothy lump-free Mindful Matcha with our Matcha Tea set and enjoy the authentic ceremonial Matcha tea experience.

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... for you, as a manager

Mindful Matcha is made for managers and busy people and helps you to improve your performance. 

Try it and feel the difference...

A cup of tea made with a high quality matcha powder, such as our Mindful Matcha has a complex, rich, vegetal taste and leaves an alluring sweetness post-drinking. The taste also depends on the concentration and method of preparation of the tea. 

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