From powder to cup - how to create your perfect Mindful Matcha moment

Your personal zen ritual
with Mindful Matcha

Preparing matcha green tea is quite different to the way one makes a regular cup of tea and can be seen as a small personal zen ritual. What is great about this ritual is that everyone can decide how long it should be, whether you take your time to create a longer break or turn it into a 5-minute self-care moment is entirely up to you. Traditionally, the process has been very meditative and in today’s demanding business environment, it can be the perfect moment to ground oneself, to bring some mindfulness and calm to one’s stressful day in the office.

There are a number of different ways one can prepare a delicious cup of matcha green tea, as well as a variety of recipes for this energizing drink. We have created a small guide below to show you both the traditional ceremony, as well as some more practical and modern ways of preparing matcha green tea.

 Matcha Plantage auf Bali - © Mindful Matcha

Back to the roots

To stay true to the more traditional process of preparing matcha green tea, you will need a special matcha set, which is comprised of a bowl, a bamboo scoop and whisk. To start with, you should heat water up to 80˚C (if you don’t have a thermometer, just boil your water and then for every cup of boiling water add a 1/3 cup of room temperature water to reach the desired temperature). Take a scoop from the matcha powder – an optional step is to sift it through a sieve in the bowl in order to help get rid of any lumps. Once you have done that add 1-2 table spoons of water and using the whisk to dissolve the powder in the bowl. Then add more water and start whisking your matcha in a zig-zag motion until a nice creamy foam forms on top – it will take 1-2 minutes of whisking. Transfer to your favourite tea cup or glass in order to also see the matcha’s beautiful green colour better and enjoy your perfect MindfulMatcha moment!

The concentration and thickness of the resulting tea will vary of course based on the quantities of water and powder one uses. Traditionally, there are two main Japanese recipes for matcha tea: usucha (literally translated as “thin tea”) and koicha (“thick tea”).

Koicha is a very intense shot of matcha tea – its taste is edgy and strong and to make it one should definitely use only very high quality matcha tea powder, like our MindfulMatcha blend. To prepare koicha, one should incorporate about 4 scoops (1.5-2 tea spoons) of powder in 40ml of hot water. Whisk well but very gently until the powder is fully dissolved. The resulting liquid should be very thick and creamy, dark green in colour with no bubbles or foam. Koicha is the most intense way of drinking matcha, the initial taste is bitter but the payoff of a high quality matcha is the sweetness afterwards, the energy boost and the awareness one gets from drinking it.

Usucha is the most common way to drink matcha as the taste and consistency of the tea is not as intense as with koicha. Another key difference versus koicha is that a good cup of usucha should have a nice creamy layer of tiny bubbles of top, which beautifully shows off the brilliant colour of the tea. To prepare the perfect cup of usucha, dissolve 2 scoops (1 tea spoons) of matcha powder in 25ml of water and whisk gently to create a smooth paste. Then add another 25ml of hot water and whisk the mixture in a zig-zag motion until a nice creamy foam forms on top – it will take 1-2 minutes of whisking. The viscosity of usucha is close to that of an espresso or perhaps a macchiato. If you prefer you tea a bit thinner you can then add more hot water, but only after you have created the creamy foam layer on top.

Matcha Pulver in Schale - © Mindful Matcha
For beginners and on the go

If you have never tried to make matcha tea before or you are a busy professional who is always on the go, preparing a cup of matcha green tea the traditional way may be too challenging or time-consuming. That of course does not mean that you should be deprived of the pleasure and benefits of this amazing drink.

One easy way to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of matcha every time is to use our MindfulMatcha single sticks, which are perfectly portioned and are great for people of the go. To prepare them you also don’t necessarily need a manual bamboo whisk, instead you can use an electric milk frother – you will achieve the same results in a fraction of the time and will be able to enjoy a perfectly smooth and frothy cup of matcha green tea in under a minute.

If you have neither an electric frother nor a whisk you can also use a clean jar or a shaker. Simply add the matcha powder and warm water; seal the jar/shaker and shake it briskly for 1-2 minutes until foam forms. You can of course add more water and then savour your perfect cup of matcha tea. Alternatively, you can just use a spoon to dissolve the powder – it won’t have the frothy layer one can get with a whisk or a frother but it will still have a creamy texture and a delicious taste.

Some modern variations of drinking matcha green tea are preparing it is as a latte – to a shot of usucha or koicha (depending on how strong you would like your latte to be) add your preferred type of warm plant-based milk (regular milk is not recommended as it hinders the digestion of antioxidants). Another option is a refreshing matcha soda – in a glass full of ice, add your shot of usucha or koicha, some lemon slices and soda water. Your matcha green tea is best appreciated with all your senses – enjoy the beautiful green colour, fresh scent and creamy taste of your perfect Mindful Matcha moment!

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